Bianca Bee Talks Beauty With IVXXII!

Bianca Byers, also known as Bianca Bee, is one of my personal sheroes.
At the young age of seventeen, Bianca Bee moved from Detroit, Michigan to sunny Los Angeles, California to study film. Only two years later, this fresh faced and spunky 20 year old is working on her very show titled ‘The Bianca Bee Show’. The Bianca Bee Show is a popular web series talk show that features the latest celebrity gossip, new artists, interviews, and beauty/fashion trends. Bianca’s ease in front of the camera and sassy personality has enabled her to create an impressive online following. In addition to her television hosting experience, Bianca has also interned at Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, After Dark Films, Dark Child Records, Line Produced a web-series, and Assistant and Casting Directed various student films and now internship for Oprah Winfrey’s Network. With Bianca’s vivaciousness, enthusiasm, and ultimate professionalism, this is only the very beginning of a successful television career in the future
IVXXII is just obsessed with the show & more importantly, they host’s fun & glamorous makeup looks! We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop from bubbly bombshell on all of her beauty secrets:

-What’s your signature lipstick and nail polish? (Every photo I’ve seen this gorgeous girl in, she’s wearing a purple-y pink lipstick that I adore.)
My signature lipstick color is PURPLE. I just love the color purple on my skin tone; it just makes me stand out where ever I go. With nail polishes I also love purples, however I had to change it up for spring so I have been doing bright neon colors. I recently just changed my nails from square nails to the pointy stiletto nails.
– What’s your favorite brand of makeup and nail polishes?
My favorite brand of makeup is Lime Crime and I recently became a brand ambassador of a cosmetics company in Michigan called “Urbane” you can visit their site So we have some amazing things in the works. 20140407-112403.jpg20140407-112624.jpg
-What’s different from your daytime choices from your nighttime choices, do you go for darker colors or lighter?

I honestly never change up my makeup. I’m not a fan of eye shadow on my eyelids unless I’m on set of The Bianca Bee Show. I personally just love my Ardell #105 fake eyelashes and my black eye shadow I use as eyeliner by Urban Decay and my Gold pigment and bright purple lipstick.

-Do you watch any beauty gurus on YouTube? If so who’s your favorite?
My favorite YouTube Guru is definitely Carli Bybel. She is amazing from her hair tutorials, her makeup and motivation videos. She’s truly awesome. Oh & my favorite of course is Malibu Doll Face Barbie he can snatch up some hair. I interviewed him for my show and he is just flawless.

-Will your color palette and choices change any for this spring? If so how will you spice things up this season?

For my show this upcoming season I definitely want to take a few risks, I’m kind of boring lol and like things too be natural; however I think I may definitely take some risks a few episodes.


-Best make up tip for the readers out there?
Don’t try to be like everyone else because everyone’s skin tone is different so contouring, highlighting and being obsess with shape eyebrows may not fit your look, it may make you look like a clown. So try different things out and if you don’t get compliments on it, then it is not meant for you.

20140407-113022.jpgCheck out Bianca & her fabulous makeup at!


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